Package: Catholic church tries to adapt to a younger generation

MADRID–Attendance at Catholic churches in Spain is rapidly declining, especially among young parishioners. Since the Spanish Constitution separated church and state in 1978, the number of Spanish citizens who identify as Catholic has continued to drop. Churches are now looking for new ways to appeal to those born after this separation. Catholic nuns have also felt the negative effects. Both communities are using technology in an attempt to appeal to a younger generation.


Story by Dylan McGuinness and Adam Tismaneanu // MADRID–The church is struggling to attract members–especially young ones. As a result, one congregation is using technology to appeal to the disinterested. Click here to read more.

Story by Chloe Bayhack // MADRID--

Story by Chloe Bayhack // MADRID–As the number of nuns in Spain has dwindled since the end of the Franco dictatorship, convents have taken an alternative route in order to recruit: the internet. Click here to read more.


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