About Our Project

We are a band of journalists traveling abroad as an international press corps to cover news and culture in Spain. The project, titled Journalism and Photography in Spain, is part of Northeastern University’s Dialogue of Civilizations study abroad program. For five weeks, we’ll be reporting from Barcelona and Madrid on arts, politics, the economy, sports, culture, social justice, business, the environment and whatever else students stumble upon. We have 16 reporters with us, two staff photographers, two teaching assistants and one professor. On these pages will be the fruits of their hard work. Find articles, photos, slideshows, video. Also, on the right, are the team’s personal blogs. These will capture the sights and sounds of the trip, as well as the students’ triumphs and defeats. Their reflections on what’s happening to them are just as important as the journalistic work they’re engaged in, so please, take a look.


From left to right, back row: Carlene Hempel, Dylan McGuinness, Marco White, Ellyn Bailey, Adam Tismaneanu, Alex Newman, Maddie Gubernick, Freda Spencer, Clara Cutbill, Karolina Chorvath, Danny Mortimer, Joe Thomas. Left to right front row: Hayley Masters, Kara Thibault, Morgan Lawrence, Ethan Parets, Julia Guilardi, Fernanda Ortiz, Chloe Bayhack, Monica Vallejo, Alexandra Malloy, Maria Amasanti.



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