Meet Our Team

baileyellynELLYN BAILEY: A Southerner through and through, I was born in Texas and raised in Tennessee. Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to be a journalist, so this trip is a dream come true for me. Despite having taken Spanish for four years in school, I’m more than a little rusty. I am fluent in French, but I doubt that will do me much good in Spain. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to immersing myself fully in Spanish language and culture. I have worked as a news correspondent for The Huntington News and as a music and arts critic for Artistry Magazine. Briefly in 2013, I also wrote editorials about the intersection of race and pop culture for Blast Magazine. Recently I’ve been writing about political goings-on at college campuses in the Boston area. I look forward to meeting fellow student journalists in Spain.

bayhackchloeCHLOE BAYHACK: My name is Chloe Bayhack, and I’m a second-year journalism/media & screen studies combined major with a minor in international affairs. I’m originally from Chicago, which I believe to be the best city in the world. While I’m interested in long-form New Yorker-type journalism, I’m hoping to get my feet wet in marketing, advertising and copyrighting as well. I’ve never been to Spain before, but I’ve taken many years of Spanish and I’m eager to see what I remember. I’m excited to understand the ins and outs of the social, political, economic and cultural atmospheres that envelop Spain’s inhabitants, and I can only do that in a hardworking, round-the-clock reporting team — not as a tourist. I also have a background in photography, so I can’t wait to see Spain through that lens as well. My other interests include politics, international affairs, film, fashion, social media and improv comedy.

KAROLINA CHORVATH: Born in Belgium, lived in the Netherlands, U.S. and Poland, but am Czechoslovak. I’m currently a journalism major as well as an international affairs and cinema studies minor. Growing up, moving around and traveling to different countries instilled a passion for languages, meeting new people and sharing their stories. The desire to be a foreign correspondent moves past what I love. It’s who I am. So far, I’ve worked in the Boston City Hall Press Office during the Boston Marathon Bombings, as a freelancer at a small newspaper, in breaking news at the CNBC headquarters and also as a producer for CNBC’s show Street Signs and for Jim Braude at NECN on the show Broadside. I’m currently interning for Charlie Sennott at The GroundTruth Project. I chose to take part in this dialogue because Spain is my favorite country that I have visited so far and I would absolutely love to spend more time getting to know everything that I can possibly consume in the time that I am there. I understand a great deal of Spanish but am quite nervous to speak it so I hope that by the end of this trip, my ability to speak the language matches my ability to understand it. I also really hope to grow as a multimedia journalist. I would like to truly tell and show each story to the consumer to the best of my ability and push my boundaries of creativity. Spain contains all of my favorite things. Incredible music, beautiful people, exceptional food, cities on the water, art, fantastic literature. I am absolutely thrilled to be able to take part in such a rich culture for a few weeks. I truly hope that my work will be able to accurately depict the people and situations I encounter while I am there. I’m eager to get started.

cutbillclaraCLARA CUTBILL: Raised in sunny Los Angeles, I am now a journalism student at Northeastern University. I have worked as a photojournalism intern for Education First in China where I worked as a part of their press team taking photos of  press conferences and seminars. I’ve also worked as an assistant photographer for Katie Shuler Photography, where I took event and wedding photos. I grew up traveling due to the fact that both of my older brothers played travel ice hockey. Thanks to this, I’ve seen many dingy hockey rinks around the world. But it also fueled my desire to travel. I’ve previously lived and studied in Dublin, Ireland. My dream is to one day travel the world and take photos for a living. I am also interested in law and criminal justice. So I hope to one day be either a photojournalist or a lawyer. I hope Spain is the first of many opportunities to work abroad. In my spare time I like to go on hikes, cuddle dogs and drink way too much coffee.

gubernickmadlenMADLEN GUBERNICK: My name is Maddie Gubernick and I’m from Brooklyn, New York. I’m a sophomore at Northeastern and a journalism and international affairs double major, with a minor in photography. I’ve written for the Fenway News, Northeastern’s science blog iNSolution as well as the College of Art, Media and Design’s website. I’ve had my photographs published in a photography book, as well as on exhibition in the offices for the College of Social Science and Humanities. This past year I’ve started The Global Journal, an international affairs publication for Northeastern.  I’ve lived abroad many times, spending many summers in Spain so I can’t wait to go back and continue writing and taking photographs.


guilardijuliaJULIA GUILARDI: My name is Julia Guilardi and I am a first-year journalism major at Northeastern University with a minor in law and public policy. I was born and raised in Hainesport, New Jersey, a small suburban town outside of Philadelphia. My interest in journalism piqued after taking a broadcast journalism course in high school, after which I became heavily involved with my school’s closed-circuit television station and I participated in a student reporter program with KYW 1060 radio station in Philadelphia. Since coming to Northeastern, I have written for Artistry Magazine and worked on the volunteer media staff at the 50th annual Head of the Charles regatta. I am still undecided on which branch of journalism I would like to pursue as a career, but I am hoping to gain some insight following my first co-op next spring. In my free time, I enjoy creative writing, giving tours as a Husky Ambassador, and exploring the city of Boston. I am looking forward to going to Spain to improve my journalistic writing and learn about an exciting new culture.

hurtadofernandaFERNANDA HURTADO ORTIZ: I am 19 years old and a first-year journalism major with a minor in international affairs at Northeastern University in Boston. I am originally from Mexico City but have lived in five different countries and seven different cities, including St. Louis, Frankfurt, Santiago, Cincinnati, London and now Boston. As a child, I grew up traveling and learning about diverse cultures, inspiring me to pursue a career as a foreign correspondent. I am fluent in Spanish, English and German and conversational in French. My multicultural life experiences have given me a unique perspective and thus I have found it easier to connect with people and comfort them into telling me their stories. I have written for The Huntington News, the independent student newspaper of the Northeastern community, and am a member of NUTV, Northeastern’s student-run video production club. I am interested in experimenting with all outlets of journalism, including photojournalism, print, broadcast and am eager to combine them through multimedia. Through Northeastern’s Program I was able to study abroad in London for my first semester in college, forcing me to be independent and teaching me a lot about myself, which I am looking forward to continuing in Spain. Living in Germany, I traveled to both Barcelona and Madrid many times but this time I am excited to explore the city without my parents’ itinerary and through a new and independent perspective, while pursuing my passion for journalism. In this program I have the opportunity to blend two of the things I enjoy most, traveling and journalism.

lawrencemorganMORGAN LAWRENCE: I’m a fourth-year journalism major with minors in music and music industry. Unsurprisingly, my goal would be to work in or write about music after college. Through the co-op program, I’ve been able to have several different experiences in that vein, from working at a music PR company, to social media promotion at a venue, to nearly a year in the editorial offices of Rolling Stone. I try to fit as much live music in my “free time” as possible, and more often than not I’ll combine that with traveling, anywhere and everywhere. I actively seek out opportunities to explore places I’ve never been. No matter where I find myself, though, I’m drawn to volunteer opportunities that allow me to work with animals; I’ve worked at several shelters and have fostered or adopted my share of rescue animals over the last few years. I’m excited to see how I can combine my interests and experience on this dialogue, and I’m looking forward to the adventure and the challenge.

malloyalexALEXANDRA MALLOY: Alexandra Malloy is a third-year student studying journalism with a minor in art history at Northeastern University. Originally from Cape Cod, she has an obsession with the beach and strives for an “it’s all good” approach to life. She currently writes for Huntington News and the Fenway News and is also working for Homicide Watch Boston. Her love for art and contemporary culture/politics has her debating between arts reporting or political coverage. Ideally, she one day hopes to write for the New Yorker and write ledes like New York Times reporters. In Spain, Alexandra hopes to experience the art and architecture that Barcelona and Madrid have to offer, as well as potentially cover the environmental impact of government construction and spending within the country. Being her first time parentless in Europe, she hopes to explore the cities and their culture and afterward venture to the greatest hubs of art in Europe. She loves socio-cultural and political documentaries, contemporary art and horseback riding.

mastershayleyHAYLEY MASTERS: My name is Hayley Masters and I am from Canada, living on the top of a ski hill in Horseshoe Valley, Ontario. I am majoring in journalism at Northeastern, with a double minor in photography and global-social entrepreneurship. I have really enjoyed my experience in journalism so far, and have learned so much about the field and about myself as a journalist. I have explored various aspects and different formats of writing, however I have taken a keen interest in magazine writing as I like the visual component joined with the text. I hope to someday combine my passion for travel with my love of journalism, which will allow me to work and travel the world. I have done a lot of traveling, including a summer spent in Kenya and playing hockey throughout Europe. I would love nothing more than to adventure around the globe writing for National Geographic or an outdoors magazine. I enjoy playing hockey as I am a member of the Northeastern Huskies varsity ice hockey team, and participate in other sports outside the rink (golf, tennis, snowboarding). I spend my summers teaching kids how to barefoot and wakeboard at an extreme outdoor camp, and love spending time at the cottage. Because I am so passionate about traveling, Spain is going to be an incredible experience as I will be surrounded by an unfamiliar culture, challenged daily and forced to think outside the box. I enjoy adventure, sharing good vibes with friendly people, and of course, writing about the many interesting things the world has to offer.

mcguinnessdylanDYLAN MCGUINNESS: I am a second-year journalism and media studies major (with a philosophy minor) hailing from just outside New Haven, Connecticut. I have relatively little journalistic experience but have been published in The Fenway Newsand have worked on small community newsletters, including one for the Northeastern lacrosse team (whom I play for). I’m interested in all forms of journalism but I’m particularly attracted to long-form styles and articles. Ideally, I’d like to write for a magazine after graduating. I have also taken two semesters of Arabic and am interested in covering the Middle East at some point. I love films and documentaries and hope to work in that medium in the future as well. Outside of journalism, I’m a die-hard sports fan and addicted to coffee: two interests I’m sure will only escalate while in Spain. I’ve been to Madrid and Barcelona briefly but am looking forward to the extended trip.

newmanalexALEX NEWMAN: I am a fourth-year journalism major hailing from Summit, New Jersey. I worked for my high school newspaper for four years and became co-editor-in-chief my senior year (I was much nicer than the other editor – we complemented each other quite well). I’ve done two co-ops, at Wentworth Institute of Technology and MSNBC, and have print and video experience. I’m a huge film buff and in my free time I co-host a movie podcast called Cinema Rolls. I love writing but right now I’m leaning toward broadcast journalism. Essentially, I watched “The Newsroom” a bunch of times and thought, “Hey, I could totally do that.” I love the Spanish language and culture, and I hope while I’m here I can further my education. My goal is to be a field producer abroad and produce stories all over the world. I also love baseball and football and am a die-hard Yankees and New Orleans Saints fan.

paretsethanETHAN PARETS: My name is Ethan Parets, and I’m not the hero that Northeastern needs, but the one it deserves. I also just like Batman and wanted to squeeze a quote from The Dark Knight into this bio. I’m also a rising sophomore journalism and media & screen studies major from Sharon, Massachusetts. During my time in high school, I wrote for my town’s weekly covering the various shows put on by the high school theatre company. I also had the opportunity to be part of a team that covered the repeal of Prop 8 and DOMA in San Francisco in the weeks leading up to and following the historic decision. I have also written an array of articles and stories in my Interpreting the Day’s News and Journalism 1 classes here at Northeastern. I currently write obits and transitions for the NENPA Bulletin. I hope to eventually cover breaking and foreign news for an international news organization, at least until I get the call from Comedy Central that Jon Stewart has personally requested my charisma, charm and stunning looks to take his seat on The Daily Show. In my spare time I enjoy acting, going to concerts and comedy shows, and being indecisive as to what show I should watch next. I have taken Spanish classes for most of my life, and that has still put me at the speaking level of a kindergartener from Spain, so I definitely hope to improve that on this trip. I’m really looking forward to experiencing the beautiful country, meeting new people and writing some interesting stories.

spencerfredaFREDA SPENCER: I am a fourth-year journalism major from San Diego, California, with minors in law and public policy and criminal justice. As an undeclared freshman trying to choose a major, I recalled how much I loved the three years I spent as a staff writer and editor on my high school newspaper – and have enjoyed every minute of my journalism studies at Northeastern since then. I have always tried to incorporate my interests in the law, criminal justice system and social justice issues into my reporting and coursework. I’m currently doing so as a student writer for Homicide Watch Boston, for which I attend court weekly and, along with the rest of the team of students, report on every homicide and subsequent criminal case that takes place in the city. I completed my first co-op at the US Attorney’s Office of Massachusetts and a second in Washington D.C. at the New England Council. Aside from school, most of my time in Boston is spent with friends, as a mentor through the DREAM program, cooking, golfing and wandering around the city. In Spain, I look forward to not only learning about and experiencing a new country, but also to reporting on a variety of topics relevant to the cities of Barcelona and Madrid, including food, fashion, arts and entertainment and politics.

thomasjoeJOE THOMAS: I am a sophomore journalism major with a minor in Chinese. My hometown is Park City, Utah. For journalism experience, I have taken Journalism 1 and 2. I have also written articles and photographed for the New England Newspaper and Press Association e-bulletin, the Fenway News and photographed for the Huntington News. I have traveled throughout Europe and Asia and have experience adapting to new cultures. Whenever I have free time I am photographing, editing photos or checking Instagram. I am interested in visual storytelling and hope to become a professional photojournalist. I chose this dialogue because it will give me the experience of working in a foreign country and will surely provide me with many valuable lessons. I’m looking forward to photographing such a beautiful country.

ADAM TISMANEANU: My name is Adam Tismaneanu and I’ve always liked writing.  The summer after my sophomore year of high school I took a sports writing and broadcasting course at American University in my hometown of Washington, DC.  Combining my love of sports with writing seemed like a dream for me and I couldn’t believe that was actually a job.  By the time I was a senior in high school, I was the sports section editor of my high school newspaper The Cageliner, and I also got to write different pieces including profiles of people I found interesting. Once I got to Northeastern, I took my required college writing class for freshmen and my professor, Sebastian Stockman, had us write different pieces including articles and op-eds.  I decided before the beginning of my sophomore year that I wanted to try to take a full journalism class and I took journalism 1 with Carlene Hempel.  From there I decided to make journalism my major and I haven’t looked back since. In Spain, I want to strengthen my writing through producing articles that I wouldn’t be able to in the States such as stories involving soccer, one of my favorite sports, and whatever else comes my way.

vallejomonicaMONICA VALLEJO: I am a third-year journalism major with minors in communication studies and photography. I was born and raised in Guatemala City, Guatemala. I consider my native language to be Spanish, although as a child I learned English almost simultaneously. I also speak basic Cantonese and some French. At Northeastern, I have been involved in Woof Magazine as a writer and former section editor of the arts and entertainment section. Last semester, I co-oped at TechTarget as an editorial assistant writing about the healthcare IT industry. I love exploring new places and traveling, but what I find most intriguing is getting to know the people I cross paths with and hearing about their personal stories. Having grown up in a multicultural family helped me develop a fascination in human-interest stories of culture, arts and society.

MARCO WHITE: I was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am a first-year journalism major and have written for a weekly youth section of my local paper and have published pieces in Northeastern’s on-campus Tastemakers magazine. I would like to work in some form of print journalism, preferably hard news stories, though I would also consider going into music journalism. I am a frequent concert-goer and listen to a wide range of musical genres. Music journalism allows me to explore this interest while working on improving my writing. In going to Spain, I hope to improve my Spanish and report on a range of stories specific to the country.



mortimerdannyDANNY MORTIMER: I’m a recent graduate with a combined major of journalism and cinema studies. I’m from Reading, Massachusetts, which is about 20 minutes north of Boston. My journalism experience comes mainly from my last trip to Spain, where I reported on the county’s struggling film industry and a championship soccer match. I also love video production, and spent my last two co-ops shooting and editing videos at WGBH and the New England Conservatory. I love traveling. Last year I went on this trip as a student, and I can’t wait to experience it again as a teaching assistant. I’m looking forward to seeing and helping with the pieces everyone comes up with. My interests include movies, sports and playing with my dog Scout, whom I will miss very much.


MARIA AMASANTI: I’m a 21-year-old from Buenos Aires, Argentina, studying international affairs and journalism, with a minor in the Middle East. My interest lies in the field of photojournalism and foreign correspondence. I’ve worked as the photography co-op for The Boston Globe, was the photo editor at the Huntington News, and currently work as a photographer in the marketing and communications department at Northeastern. I have a clear career goal: be a full-time staff photographer for the Associated Press or Reuters, ideally based out off Jerusalem, Istanbul or Cairo (though I’ll never say no to other possible locations). I participated in last year’s program in Spain, and I believe that it has been the wisest academic investment I have made so far. In the month abroad, I met, photographed and translated interviews with bullfighters, a senator, a nobleman, the curator of the Prado, an abortion clinic doctor, an anti-monarchy, pro-North Korea protester and the disillusioned and unemployed Spanish youth, among others. My bullfighting photos made it to the front page of The Boston Globe’s travel section, and a (not particularly good) photograph of the Spanish count was featured in the front page of the Boston Sunday Globe. Everything I experienced in that month of work re-kindled my love for storytelling, and strengthened my desire to be a foreign correspondent. I hope to do the same in this year’s program, with new events to cover and even more stories to tell. If I’m not at work or lugging my cameras around, I’ll probably be reading analytical pieces about the crazy antics of foreign politicians, the latest tech news to come out (especially anything in relation to Elon Musk or Google/Android), or trying to swim in the overly crowded Cabot swimming pool.


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